Friday, 22 March 2013

Friday's CRAFT CRUSH...

Kim Baise is this week's CRAFT CRUSH!
We love trawling through blogs and quite by accident we stumbled across her amazing work!
Personally I have quite a thing for mobiles so her beautiful work is right up my street! Jikits is her hand made company and we think she is a very crafty and cleaver gal! Not only is she a crafty super star but she's also an illustrator, a mum and from the look of things a very busy maker too!

geometric shapes mobile...we love these so much!!!

Kim graduated from NYU where she studied printmaking and sculpture. Now living in Los Angeles with her  husband who is a musician and their three young children.

Cacti mobile...
Howdy partner!

With a love for bright colors and bold shapes, paintings and collages, crochet and embroidery, Picasso, Warhol, the 50's and 60's her work is both magical and a little bit of what I imagine to be the contents of her dreams and imagination! I quite love the Warhol/Velvet Underground reference in her mobile pictured below...can you spot it?

Custom made mobiles can be ordered via Kim's Etsy shop.

If you'd like to know more about Kim and her work please visit her blog: 

Or if you'd like to purchase any of her pieces she also has an Etsy shop:

*Kim's work reminds us of  hazy Californian dream sequences filled with swirling neon lights and heavily incensed summer nights. We're sipping on a large Jack & Coke while skipping down Hollywood Boulevard with The GTO's... and we are so free that we feel like we're flying!*


Kim Baise said...

thank you for the great post on my art.
have a beautiful week-end1

munano said...

A pleasure! We're so happy to have stumbled upon your work and even happier to share it with everyone! Have a happy weekend too. X