Sunday, 31 March 2013

And the winners are...

Drum roll please...
and  the winners are...
3rd place: Mary Mcdermott
2nd place: Katie Moss
and 1st place winner...Sevren Halsey!

Lets not just single out these gorgeous people though lady luck definitely pointed her finger at them but lets also look at the other winners...
we think the kittens (and a few dogs and bunnies) have also lucked out too! Thank you to all our friends who donated a shed load of beautiful hand made goodies for the TOMBOLA prizes and also to all the lovely people who helped spread the word and purchased tickets. You are all awesome!!!
We didn't manage to raise a small fortunate but all in all £90 goes a long way especially when the charity in question depends so much on donations like this one. So it's with a happy, warm and slightly furry heart that we donate all proceeds raised by our little competition to the Celia Hammond Animal Trust.
If you'd like to donate to the charity please visit their website and contact them directly.
Again, thank you all so much!!!


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