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//Don't Get Cross, Cross Stitch! 22nd of August, Walthamstow London// 
Subversive cross stitch workshop...

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Private & Bespoke craft events... Want to hire us?

We do bespoke, travel to you craft events perfect for hen do's, birthday parties and corporate team building events.
*please note that we operate only in the LONDON area but have a network of sister armies and collaborators through out the UK so do get in touch! 
P.S. Please bear in mind that we can not offer a venue or catering... This is left to the host to organise.

We also do event management where we coordinate PR and promo as well as incorporate the element of craft to your launch or event. Be it a product/book/shop/magazine launch, gallery workshop, exhibition interactive concession, entertainment concession etc.  Get in touch and we'll realize your vision so your launch has a fun, interactive element to it that your guests will enjoy!
We've worked with people like: Hewlett Packard, The Knitting & Stitching Shows, the V&A, Think Jam and the Promax Media awards to name but a few.

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Unfortunately we no longer host monthly craft nights - even though we are the main instigators and because everyone's doing it now **'s so old hat!** we've decided to call it a day in its present format.

Plus we can't compete with copy cats who've stolen our ideas but have chosen to do it all for FREE! Yup, they've taken the whole format of our D.I.Y. Craft Nights -even down to the music - though they aren't even charging for materials but instead using designer makers' generosity to pay out of their own pockets to host workshops for their guests without any budget for materials or any form of payment. We don't agree with it and we do not support it! We've always paid our workshop tutors and we think that taking advantage of people with the promise of "exposure" sucks!

One of the main objectives of the Craft Nights was to make craft accessible to all but also to empower makers to achieve a position where their expertise was valued and therefore to show the importance and skill that there is in actual hand made products and in making.

And you know what they say... "you can't compete with free!" so we're not even going to try but we implore anyone that is thinking of dipping into craft education to please charge (even if it's a small amount to at least pay for your materials!) as you'll be putting not only a huge pool of talented people out of work but you'll be doing yourself a massive disservice too!!!
Expertise and knowledge isn't cheap so don't sell yourself short!

But it doesn't mean that we're not hosting public craft events anymore...

Keep your peepers peeled though as we're about to shift our attentions to some thing bigger and better!!!

Also because we've left our studio we are no longer able to offer workshops in the same capacity that we were doing in the past year! This does mean that we are no longer hiring out our sewing machines but we are doing one to one classes with complete beginners! It couldn't be easier... we travel to you so you can learn on your own machine!

BUT in the mean time... if you need your crafty fill and a few hand made gifts,
don't fret because we're online! Visit our shop here :

*Please note: Contracting Craft Guerrilla and payments - Craft Guerrilla provide and supply contractual events and are hired on a "per event" non permanent basis.
All e-mail communications are legally binding and serve as a "contract" though a written contract may be supplied at the request of the client, any agreements are therefore binding in accordance with UK legislation. Any changes to the agreed terms must be done via writing and before the event date (at least 10 days). Any deposits are non refundable unless event is cancelled by Craft Guerrilla.

Payments - Payments must be received within a 30 day grace period of the event date. Failure to do so will incur a daily fine of 8% on the total fee and may incur any legal fees if taken further. 
(in line with the Lae Payment of Commercial Debts. )