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//Don't Get Cross, Cross Stitch!//
 //13th of June 2018, New Road Hotel, E1 1HJ London// 
"Subversive cross stitch workshop!"

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Learn the art of subversive cross stitch with Craft Guerrilla by getting crafty and slightly sweary at this friendly workshop, where you'll learn to create your very own expressive cross stitched hoop.
Channel your inner tensions into decorative textiles. Rude, lewd, crude or just plain honest - this workshop is a playful take on the traditional 'home sweet home' sampler. Instead we celebrate chaos, discord and everyday stresses by keeping our hands busy and making peace with life's many micro-aggressions!

The class is all in good humour and during the 3 hour workshop, participants will be guided through the basics of cross stitching as well as a simple lesson in layout, so you can transfer your design from paper onto fabric.

This "Flow" inducing workshop promises to be a lot of fun and will also encourage thoughtful and reflective action through creative craft therapy. All materials, including wall hoop will be provided so you can go away with your very own piece of modern cross stitch art to hang, pride of place in your home.
*Please note that the ticket price includes a drink on arrival. There is also a fully functioning bar/cafe on site.

Terms & conditions for "Don't Get Cross, Cross Stitch!"

Due to the nature of this workshop this is a class for adults only.
Please note that in the eventuality that there is less than the minimum required number of participants that we will cancel the event though we will contact you prior to the workshop (at least 24 hours before the actual event). In the event  of a cancellation by the venue or workshop provider that Craft Guerrilla will refund the ticket price and booking fee.
Failure to show up to the workshop after ticket purchase on the date does not entitle the ticket holder to a refund.

//¡VIVA FRIDA!// 20th of June 2018, New Road Hotel, E1 1HJ London//  
"A celebration of the artist, fashion lover and political activist Frida Kahlo"


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These 2 hour bite size sessions are perfect to disengage your mind from work related "stuff" and help you connect with your heart and hands.
Crafting has been proven to help calm anxiety and help people deal with stress, did you know that crafting produces a similar state to meditation?
Yes it's called flow and we'll help you find yours so you can unwind and relax while having lots of creative fun in the process!
"¡Viva Frida!" is a pom-tastic workshop where we'll show you how to make a statement necklace using wool, felt and all the colours of the rainbow!
Craft Guerrilla will guide you through the basics so you can add a bit of colour to your life by creating pom poms, tassels plus learning to embelish your piece with embroidery and fabric decoupage so you can be more Frida!
We know that she loved her colours and accessories so we're sure she'd be totally up for this workshop...
Suitable for all crafting abilities. Please note that the image of the necklace in the photo provided is only to illustrate what you can make. All materials included but we encourage participants to bring any materials they find hold a special meaning like amulets, fabrics, found objects and so on...anything which holds a special meaning to you the wearer and maker!

Terms & conditions for Viva Frida!

Please note that this is an over 18's only event. In the eventuality that the workshop doesn't fulfill the minimum participant number requirements that it may be cancelled however if this is the case we will refund your ticket and it will be done with at least 24 hours in advance.


//Private & Bespoke craft events... Want to hire us?//

We do bespoke, travel to you craft events perfect for hen do's, birthday parties and corporate team building events.
*please note that we operate only in the LONDON area but have a network of sister armies and collaborators through out the UK so do get in touch! 
P.S. Please bear in mind that we can not offer a venue or catering... This is left to the host to organise.

We also do event management where we coordinate PR and promo as well as incorporate the element of craft to your launch or event. Be it a product/book/shop/magazine launch, gallery workshop, exhibition interactive concession, entertainment concession etc.  Get in touch and we'll realize your vision so your launch has a fun, interactive element to it that your guests will enjoy!
We've worked with people like: Hewlett Packard, The Knitting & Stitching Shows, the V&A, Think Jam and the Promax Media awards to name but a few.

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*Please note: Contracting Craft Guerrilla and payments - Craft Guerrilla provide and supply contractual events and are hired on a "per event" non permanent basis.
All e-mail communications are legally binding and serve as a "contract" though a written contract may be supplied at the request of the client, any agreements are therefore binding in accordance with UK legislation. Any changes to the agreed terms must be done via writing and before the event date (at least 10 days). Any deposits are non refundable unless event is cancelled by Craft Guerrilla.

Payments - Payments must be received within a 30 day grace period of the event date. Failure to do so will incur a daily fine of 8% on the total fee and may incur any legal fees if taken further. 
(in line with the Lae Payment of Commercial Debts. )