Meet the team

Debbie "Jack" Daniel.
Nope sorry, nothing to do with the bourbon making family but it's because I'm a Jack of all trades (master of some)! I love to learn so I'm forever involving myself in new crafts.
Ceramicist by trade, CG founding member and chief designer at münano. 
Tea lover, coffee drinker, cake baker, craft educator, DJ, blogger, illustrator, ukulele player and social activist//craftivist. 
See what I mean... lots of interests and skills and by no means not a "master of none"!

Specialties include: social media, promo, events managing, branding, embroidery, monster making, needle felting and paper crafts/paper maché... though I can just about turn her hand at anything given a go or two. You could also call me Debbie Scissor Hands!
Achilles heel: knitting and crochet patterns!

Hannah “No Idle Han”
expert knitter, explorer of new and old craft techniques, lover of historical textiles, feminist, art historian, lateral thinker, Russian learner and blogger.

Specialties include: knitting, pattern design, dressmaking and embroidery.

Sanna "The Crochet Kid" King (aka Sannapanda)

Studied Cobblery in Hackney many moons ago.
Location remains the same, but has careered wildly through the world of furniture, animation, sculpture, merchandising (to name but a few!)
Nowadays mainly working on own gift and homewares label Sannapanda and teaching crochet to keen craft-wannabes!
However, will happily entertain the notion of any opportunities and collaborations to add to her endless list of distractions!
Special skills: crochet, upholstery, screen-printing, shoe-making, pattern-cutting (accessories), papercraft, thinking outside of the box!
Special needs: touch of ADD, taken procrastination to a whole new level!

Help us give a huge warm welcome to our international crafty reporters ... bio and photos to be added soon!

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