Sunday, 10 March 2013

Do you have the CRAFT FACTOR?

We're on the hunt for new contributors! Our blog is pretty much all about CRAFT and everything else in between including cocktails, cake recipes, craft tutorials and fashion so if you have that magpie spirit about you and can find hand made gems then get in touch!
All contributors unfortunately are unpaid ...including us... so it's more for the true love of CRAFT that we keep adding to our blog plus it's a great way to cut your writing teeth! Besides you never know where it may lead to...

Please apply via email with a sample post including images or send us a link to your own blog.
Successful applicants will then be invited to write for us for a 3 month trial period. Open to guys and gals so do get in touch!!!
Please note that not applicants will be successful but thank you for taking time to consider writing for Craft Guerrilla!

Applicants must be proficcient in English, have a great understanding of our ethos and the Modern Arts & Crafts/Urban Craft/ Designer Maker movement and must be able to provide a tutorial or a recipe at least once a month. You must also posess an eye for photography, overall design and provide all photos (or illustrations) of tutorials/ finished products/ recipes etc.

E mail Debbie via:

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