Wednesday, 26 March 2014

New season, new accesories!!!

We love a good project and this has to be by far one of the most enjoyable ones we've done so far! Our friends at Heal's put forward the chance for us to use some of their amazing fabrics for us to come up with a few new ways of using them! You might have seen the previous pin cushion tutorial using the Zandra Rhodes fabric from Heal's and we do hope your birdie is by your side ready for action!

Because of the arrival of spring we thought it would amazing to post a few simple tutorials for some sweet accessories. Sometimes that's all you need to transform your outfit and your mood... a nice and simple easy to make craft project!

And don't you agree that these fabrics are quite amazing?  *Swoon* I can't quite make up my mind as to which is my favourite but they're all lush! I think I may have to go to Heal's to pick up some more to make a circle skirt...or two!

So here are a few ideas, we hope you like them.

Hair bow.... 

It's Spring -a- go- go so wrap it up with a bow!

*Note: we added an Alice Band instead of a hair clip as this is one big bow so needs to stay put on your head!

For the tutorial take a peep here... BOW TUTORIALPRINT OUT 

We used the amazing "Lady Jane" fabric by Petra Borner which you can find in Heal's...


Passing Clouds lace collar... 

Girlie and sweet, we love this!

For the pattern take a peep here... COLLAR PATTERN PRINT OUT
We used "Cloud Study" a stunning fabric by Emily Patrick available at Heal's. Plus we added a piece of vintage lace from granny's cupboard and some fine neutral linen as the lining.


How to:
For this you'll need to print out the pattern and cut it out-see the link above.
Pin over the three layers (if you are using all three...but we love how the clouds just come through the lace... kind of like an English spring!)
and cut out!
Pin the ribbon -we used cotton ribbon- between the two fabric layers.
Make sure to pin the fabric together so all layers hold in place. Zig zag the edges together so you have a nice raw looking edge. You can sew them together so it's a neater finish but we quite like the zig-zag detail.
Add a couple of buttons and hey presto... it's ready to wear!

You can see the lovely clouds under the soft lace... nice hey?

Art Deco Zip Clutch/Make Up bag...

For a nice bit of Spring time Great Gatsby chic!

For the tutorial take a peep here...
*Note: We used this handy tutorial from ©girlinspired and added a large bow, a vintage shell buckle and a large pearly button to make it our own!

We've used the beautiful fabric "Trees" by Cressida Bell. Available at Heal's...


Add your own twist... just use your imagination and make it your own!!!

©all patterns -with the exception of the basic zip clutch - are property of Craft Guerrilla and though we welcome makers to make for their own purpose we do not give permission for these to be used commercially.  

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