Thursday, 13 March 2014

Phone Case Knitting Tutorial

Alas, now the weather is warming up, the need for cosy knits is fading faster than you can say "where's the suntan lotion?"
Here's something you can make at any time of year to protect your precious phone from bumps and scratches (but not from being dropped down the toilet), using a devilishly simple way of knitting in the round on ordinary needles.

Read on for our fully-illustrated instructions, or click here to download the no-nonsense 1 sheet pdf version.

Pattern by No Idle Han. Many thanks to Penny Vickers for her astute pattern testing and Sayed Hasan for his photographic expertise.

Difficulty level: average
Sizing: One size fits most smart phones (approx. 14cm circumference)

..and you're done!

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