Sunday, 6 April 2014

Decorate with flowers

Published by Jacqui SmallDecorate With Flowers offers advice on choosing, combining and arranging flowers to best complement home decor plus a few hints and tips which will turn anyone into a flower arranging god or goddess!
The author Holly Becker has teamed up with stylist Leslie Shewring to offer practical know-how and colourful ideas for decorating with gorgeous blooms.

We're taken on a stimulating journey through an an easy to follow guide of basic flower arranging to then progress on to decorating ideas for a range of styles with some crafty DIY flower container projects thrown in to scratch that craft making itch!
The project illustrations are pretty, modern, friendly and easy to understand too. The book is divided into 8 chapters which makes it easy to navigate. Plus I really love the bold colours, patterns, illustrations and use of fonts throughout. It really does give it a welcoming and engaging element to the book.

Until now I really didn't think I was going to be seduced by this kind of book but alas I can confirm that after many years of not considering myself as a girlie girl  it turns out that I am after all a very girlie girl who loves blousy blooms!
My love for beautiful design is unchanged though and this is one book I find very pleasing to my designer eye. Not only are the projects tastefully done the overall look -from furniture, wall paint choices to cover art!- is one I find pleasing and can absolutely identify with. It's modern, fun and doesn't take itself too serious. It's a type of book that aspires to make us all love our surrounding a bit more, where ever we may live... and enjoy them too without making you feel like you're an outsider looking into a intangible lifestyle. 

Overall there's a relaxed approach to floral design and these two amazing stylists open their box of tricks including ways to experiment with colour, texture and how to get playful with foliage to create amazing arrangements that are neither complicated or expensive but a doddle to recreate successfully. They manage to create this sense of ease without compromising on style so a very big thumbs up from me. Being on a budget doesn't mean you have to compromise... cheaply doesn't have to mean "naff"!

So will I be revisiting this book? Well yes, this book is filled with inspiring suggestions for creating pretty and modern floral designs which work on an everyday level by simply adding a fresh touch to the home to more lavish events like hen parties or cocktails with girlfriends! OK I'm not a big cocktail party host, though I do like a cocktail or two, but it does show me just how easy it is to create an impact with flowers and just how simple it is to add an element of style to my little flat! It's a book which I will use as inspiration and reference when I feel the house needs a little extra "oompf".
I know that I've thrown around the word inspiration a few times here but that's exactly what it does...

Whether you want to make the most of freshly picked blooms from the garden, or rearrange that cheap petrol station bouquet into a more palatable bunch, Decorate with Flowers removes the fear from flower arranging -now you really don't need a course in Forestry for this, hooray, but the result is just as good!- leaving you ready and able to work more freely with flowers.

It's definitely a book which opens up the spirit of creativity and experimentation. I for one have re- purposed my stash of vintage tins which are perfect for adding a bit more style to my place... now all I need to do is wait for the weekend and go down to Columbia Road Flower Market* to pick up some blooms. No doubt I shall be casting my eyes onto bright, luscious peonies, mimosas and dahlia's. I know, I know... they're a very feminine choice right, and who'd of guessed it?!

*Psssst: and one of my own top tips: If you visit Columbia Road after 3pm you'll find all the deals! As they prepare to pack up and go the majority of stall holders will sell their remaining fresh flowers at knock down prices! Absolute bargains to be had, but don't leave it too late as by 4.30pm it's pretty much all over!

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