Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Something for the weekend...

Unlike me you might have a proper weekend so here's a fab little blog which you may enjoy trawling through at your leisure...

Packed to the rim with the best craft projects on the net, fun and easy tutorials, quirky links to stuff like smart phone wallpaper and it even features a host of copyright free images/art work which you can use in your projects.

Run by "Bolacha Maria" - she is an enigma but a very crafty enigma none the less - what this blog does is take the best of the best and collates it all in one easy to browse blog. Even if you can't read Portuguese it really doesn't matter... follow the pictures and be prepared to make!

Check out the To DIY or not to DIY blog here:

IKEA hack by Bolacha Maria...the crafty brain behind this blog!
Brillo Wallpaper for all you smart phone/tablet needs!

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