Friday, 10 June 2011

Make something that counts...

On a sadder note then usual,and I can't say sad really because this young gal is such an inspiration! BUT Sad because she is ill with cancer and has learned that it's not going to get any better but as she fights on I can't help but to be moved.
This lovely little lady has made a bucket list...a list of dreams she'd like to fulfill! Maybe you can help?
Alice is 15 and I so wish that at her age I had the guts and determination she clearly has. Despite everything she's keen on leaving a useful and lasting mark on our world by getting people to sign up for bone marrow registration,bringing awareness about her condition and she's managed to raise a stonking amount for charity.
You've probably heard of her,she's been trending on Twitter and I believe she liked that as she got loads of celebrity followers and has even been mentioned on "This Morning"!
Alice we salute you!

To read Alice's blog please visit:

If you'd like to register for bone marrow donation:

Finally if you'd like to raise funds to donate to Alice's chosen charity and you'd like to do it in a Crafty way or even a cake sale then get in touch with us!

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