Wednesday, 15 June 2011

In the spot light...

Part of the many "services" Craft Guerrilla offer is the introduction of new designer makers to the craft loving public! We meet a lot of talented people and see lots of hand made goodies so when we find items we like we want to share it with you...

"Microbio is a project born out of creative longing, a love of colour and a passion for crafting!
Helena is a Portuguese Designer Maker and as she herself puts it is an 'addictive crafter'!

'I started quite early, as a little girl making stuff for my dolls then clothes for myself from Burda patterns which was tricky. Because I could only find them in German I had to figure out the instructions and I can't speak German at all.
I was taught by my grandmother using a Singer machine and this is how I found my passion for fabric.
I did a degree in International Relations (political branch). Though I don't regret my choice of studies I soon found that a whole working life confined to "a box" isn't what drives me in life!

I had a few full time jobs, met some nice people too but 'COLOUR' was definitely always missing from my life.
From the moment I wake I'm always in search of COLOUR...I need to see colourful buttons, fabrics, blogs...then I have breakfast which follows by making things,lots of colourful things.
I really don't need a colourless life in an "office box"!

So to keep my craftsanity it was while I was working full time that I decided to brand my craft work.
"Microbio" (Microbe) sounded perfect to me as it implies the spread of things, good things as mine are begnine, cute, made with love and care! I even started a blog and discovered I love making bags, all sorts of bags and OH yes rings to match! Like most crafters I can make many things but it's bags that drive all my attention! I try to keep my blog up to date and I've even opened up a little shop in 'Dawanda'(address link below) to test the waters but I hope in future to have my own web site.
What really drives me in life is being able to make beautiful things by my own hands, run a small business and have a simple life with perhaps less money but much happier and fulfilled. What fascinates me most? People who are already doing this!"

Thank you Helena!!!

If you'd like to buy Microbio's beautiful hand made bags please visit:
Or read more about Helena's crafty adventures on her blog:
follow on twitter:@microbionoar

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