Friday, 5 November 2010

Cross stitcher Magazine...

Cross Stitcher Magazine....
When the Lovely Charlie asked me to review their magazine I didn't know what to expect exactly. I had seen Cross Stitcher Magazine on the supermarket shelf but it had never really attracted me before...well not enough to buy it.
There is a sea of craft publications and I have to confess I am a sucker for a good cover and usually go by it when I choose one to purchase.
I was told it had been "revamped" and that this was the new look Cross Stitcher.
When the package hit my entrance floor I was on my way out and decided it would make perfect reading material on the Tube into town. Not only was it a great read but as it had a free project pack*(Gingham Tree decoration) it kept me busy on the way in! I truly was impressed and surprised! *note I always have a sewing set in my bag and a pair of embroidery scissors. These are not included in the free pack!
The pages are filled with interesting and easy to follow projects with clear instructions. If you're a beginner you'll love this and if you're a dab hand you'll be as equally content as their are so many lovely things to make plus a great source of inspiration. This year I will not be making Chrimbo cards but decorations instead to gift family and friends.
So what's it like? I love the look and the feel of it. It reminds me of French craft magazines which I always buy when I go over.
There's an elegance but also a vibrant and young element to it so it's not at all a "granny makes" magazine. It's grown up but fun and definitely a magazine I will buy again so you can say...The cover has done it's work!
Out now in all good newsagents...go buy it...
Cross Stitcher magazine: £3.99

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