Friday, 19 November 2010

The art of writing a good press release, naming your event etc...

It's come to my attention that how ever much we try it's not easy finding your own voice especially when the platform is so huge. The Internet is a great tool and we've met friends, made a fair share of contacts and made our mark! BUT it's not easy protecting your creations, your intellectual properties, your image and now your language. When I say language I'm referring to tone...IE how your blog,your web site and even your press release reads.

Writing a good,easy to read press release isn't difficult. Lots of people just end up giving too much information therefore loosing the readers attention. Short,quick,blast of key information are essential.

Launching your brand: find your costumer. You might be offering a niche product but there's someone out there ready for it. Brand your self accordingly and coherently. Plus consistency is also good and find your voice and language you want to use and that your followers/customers can relate to and understand. Decide what message you want your creations or events to convey and make it happen.
Stick to it and believe in it! That's the first bit of advice and it's on the house.

For example we get a lot of people from other craft groups/event organisers, which will remain nameless for now, that come to our blog copy and paste word for word and even name their events quite similarly to our own in a feeble attempt to associate their events with ours. All it does is create confusion and unpleasantness. I hope that if you're reading this that you'll understand and respect what we're saying. Don't do it again or you wont remain anonymous.So what is it that you want to offer your customers? A copy of something else? It's easy to get lost and look at others work but looking for inspiration doesn't mean you can carbon copy it.
Initially I felt like it was a compliment,that others loved so much what I was writing that they couldn't find their own words to match my message. That's naive. It's frustrating and it grinds you down. By doing this they're just being lazy. What I propose to these people is that they contact me and I'll write them a nifty little press release but I'll write it for them in their own language and appropriate to their project but...there's a'll have to pay me or be really nice and offer me a trade off. It's simple.

But that's not what this is about but speaking of which ,and it all ties in nicely, is that if you do want to use our PR services visit our web site and get in touch. We can help you feel a bit more confident and help you on your own crafty adventure!
Now let us get back to the important stuff!

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