Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Getting your stuff on the Craft Guerrilla web site: FEATURED SELLERS GALLERY *COMPETITION*

The increasing interest in our little venture is amazing and we'd like to share it with all you talented folk!
Publicity has increased and so has web traffic. The more attention we get the better it is for all our craft "soldiers".
So my little friends you know how it goes...strength in numbers and if you'd like to feature on the Craft Guerrilla "featured sellers gallery*" drop me a line but if you'd like the chance to WIN a years free listing here is your chance to do so you lucky people!
FIRST 5 DESIGNER MAKERS THAT CONTACT ME AND ARE SUCCESSFULLY SELECTED WIN THIS FAB PRIZE! E mail me with a few images,a brief description of your work and why you'd like to be part of The Craft Guerrilla Featured Sellers Gallery.
Competition closing date: Sunday 10th May 2009.Be quick though,we know how all you crafty people love winning stuff!
All winners will be contacted on the closing date,names will be posted on the blog and your link will be up on the web site beginning of June 2009. Good Luck.
But if you don't win we still think you're on to a winner...
It's your chance to show off your handy work to a captive audience.
We don't take commissions on any of your sales because it goes directly to you! We just provide a link from us to you.
Here's the deal:
You send us up to 4 images (jpgs),a logo and your http address(either web site,blog etc) and we'll do the art work...ie put it together so it looks nice and hopefully you'll get a few more hits and fingers crossed a few more sales!
All we ask for is a yearly fee of £25.00. This would be for upkeep,maintenance,web site,domain fees etc and to upload information. This feature will provide a direct link to your own web site/shop/blog therefor sharing our web traffic and getting all the Craft Guerrilla designer makers a little bit of well deserved attention!
Could it be any easier?

If you'd like to know more e mail Deborah: mail@craftguerrilla.com

*Subject to pre approval and pre selection.Please note that all items must be hand made and meet our high standards of quality,design and originality. E mail a few images of your work and we'll let you know! Open to all London based designer makers.
Membership is only available to designer makers which have previously participated in our events.No membership required for the "featured sellers gallery"

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