Monday, 27 April 2009

93 feet east 5th of May!

Hey boys and girls. We're very pleased to update all you lovely folk about our Craft Guerrilla 93 Feet East Event. After much deliberation we though we needed to offer you lot something a little bit different. Inspired by the idea of hosting a cloths swap we thought..."hmmm clothes,cocktails, that sounds like a great idea!How can we tie it all together" So here it is...
Tuesday the 5th of May see our first Cloths swap party at the Pink Bar in 93 Feet East.
It's all keeping to our ethos: recycling, crafting and enjoying the process (that's where the alcohol comes in) Entry is free but it costs £5 to participate in the swap. You'll need to bring at least one item and up to 5 maximum in clean and good condition. You then have an hour to look,try and think about what you'd like to grab from the washing line. Once we give the go ahead all you lovelies can bun fight each other for coveted garb! Now,now, we don't really want bun fights but if we need to we'll come up with a tie break...possibly an arm wrestle for a frock?!
So clothes, accessories,shoes,hats,bags are all great just remember that they need to be clean and in pristine condition. We'll then help you fox it up or teach you the basics like hemming and applique.
Guest DJ's plus the usual Craft Guerrilla DJ's, a selection of limited edition craft packs and please bring your own projects! Come enjoy the creative atmosphere and mingle with fellow crafters in the Pink bar!
From 8 pm to 11pm.

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