Friday, 2 October 2015

Make your mark with "Sharpie Art Workshop"!

If you're anything like me you'll probably find yourself doodling at any given moment.
Usually it happens when I'm on the phone, in meetings, on the tube and shamefully even when talking to friends face to face... but... it's something I really can't stop doing!

So when the opportunity arrived for me to review Sharpie Art Workshop I immediately dropped my pen and got very excited!
This book by artist, art director, designer and all round creative Timothy Goodman is a great way to get everyone making something!
You see Sharpies can be used on pretty much  most surfaces, from paper, canvas, fabric to even metal plus they come in a variety of colours! They are truly a very versatile and flexible tool for any budding artist.

Sharpie pens are also inexpensive which means you can be playful and flexible in your design ideas.  Because you haven't spent a fortune on materials and tools you can allow yourself to experiment, and personally I love that, but what it means is that you can allow yourself the freedom to not have to commit to a particular design because you've spent your future inheritance on paints!
Sharpie pens have long been favoured by designers from all fields for their clean, bold, dense lines which help create an instant and immediate graphic impact.

Funnily enough I've just started an artist's residency in a primary school where the theme is Pattern and this book has tons of it! I just wish I had seen this amazing book before I got the job as there are so many great projects my school kids would have loved exploring... Though I'm sure I can creep a few projects in, there's still time!

Sharpie Art Workshop by Quatro Publishing Group offers a fantastic variety of ideas and projects by leading world renown artists and graphic designers as well as a good number of exercises like mark making, pattern creation and tips on using sharpies on a variety of surfaces.
I really like the up to date bold graphic look of the book too (hum, I guess you could say that's pretty Sharpie-esque!)... so it's not just a great coffee table book it's also a book I'll be using again and again.
And as far as the coffee table reference goes I have to say that it's meant in a totally different sense then usual. Ha, you see my copy will be a coffee table book due to the fact it'll be living on the coffee table to be within easy reach of my busy hands!

To celebrate the launch of this great little book we're giving away one copy and a set of sharpies to one lucky reader, courtesy of Quatrobooks (UK only, sorry!).
Enter your details in the comment box below this post for your chance to win! Good Luck!
*A winner will be chosen at random on the 10th of October and will be contacted on the date or shortly thereafter. Unfortunately we will not be able to contact all entrants directly.

But if you're not feeling lucky this amazing book is available at a special discount just for you if you order with our blog reader code:

To order a copy of Sharpie Art Workshop for the special offer price of £12, including free p&p in the UK, telephone 01903 828503 or email and quote the offer code APG369 with your name and address.

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