Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Make Christmas a hand made fest...

Every time I see "those" Christmas  adverts on the know the ones...flashing lights, intoxicating music, fit inducing colour schematics screaming "HURRY CHRISTMAS IS ONLY X AMOUNT OF DAYS AWAY" I literally fight the vomit back in...
Ew, OK not a pretty image but imagine it with glitter and wool and all things that make the insides of a true crafter!!!
So Here are my tips for getting through the mayhem of Chrimble prep...
First, breath. Then...breath some more. We as a race never breath enough hence why we panic so much. We crafters are a sensitive bunch and think of this post as a gigantic "craft inhaler" and it's here to help you breath some creativity into your Christmas!
So lets start by making your life easier by choosing a few stress free, easy but effective projects which will both supply a bit of "make therapy" and provide you with something which has a use in the holiday season. Here are three that I'm currently working on...

*Try printing your own Christmas wrapping paper. It doesn't need to be expensive or complicated. Potato stamping is a cheaper alternative to stamp/lino carving so don't think straight off the mark that it's going to look like primary school art class fodder. Use brown parcel paper, make nice paper tags and even paper bows plus butchers string can make it extra pretty especially if you use the red & white stuff!

courtesy of "Ella's inspiration"

*Make your own table favours/decorations.  A lovely little gift idea and decoration which you can use as part of your table theme or use as an alternative advent calender. Plus you can use them for pretty packaging for smaller gifts too like earrings, brooches, cufflinks etc.

Click here for tutorial

*Make your own perfume...
You know it's one of those gifts that you either love or hate! Personally I love getting perfume as a gift but it's very rare that I get one which I absolutely adore. The few times I have received those little bottles of magic "Eau de Moi" have been mainly because the gift giver knows me well and knows what scents I like! Basically they have gotten me down to a T which isn't easy.
So if you know someone who loves receiving perfume imagine how special they'll feel knowing  someone else gets them too and has gone to the trouble of creating a bespoke scent in their very own ready to wear eau de perfume!
Perfect for a truly special mate or to get your other half smelling just like you, cinnamon rolls, single malt whiskey and sweet tobacco?! Oh well that's how I'd like my man to whiff!

Small Measures perfume tutorial

So crafty bambinos and bambinas we hope you find some sort of inspiration and if nothing else at least you've spent a few minutes thinking what you'd like to make for Christmas instead of focusing on your panicked breathing!!!

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