Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Promote your creative company with us!

You've probably noticed that we advertise other creatives on our blog and that's basically for two reasons:
one: we like advertising people which make gorgeous hand made products which we believe in and admire their talents.
two: it's a form of helping our self funded collective tick by!

We're not asking for huge amounts of money, after all we're not Donald Draper...and we're not setting up your advertising campaign for you but we would be happy to share our web traffic with creatives in exchange for a very affordable monthly fee!

As designer makers we know how tough it is and how expensive it's become running a small creative company so...we'd like to open it up to you! By advertising with us you can get your company seen by a receptive audience.
Oh yes and by the way...we'd love to have Don on our team but he's a fictional character so instead we do have on our books a real life whiskey loving gal who'll be happy to help you create a banner, logo or help you launch your advertising campaign*
If you need some help with that side of your business E mail Debbie and she'll get you started: hello@craftguerrilla.com
*Please note that this is not a free service but fees are charged at very competitive rates!*

The CRITERIA for advertising with us:
Your company must be a small indie hand made company which sells products made by you or supplies which can be sold to designers.
We will not accept chain shops or high street companies that sell mass produced stuff!
We are after original, high quality designer makers which want to associate with us! After all we are promoting hand made so it needs to fit in with our philosophy.
Haberdashery and findings providers are a tricky one and we will only accept companies which are independent  and offer great quality products.

We also promote services like seamstresses, jewellers who offer repairs, illustrators, photographers etc. but you must be an independent and not be working under a larger corporate company!
Collectives and craft market organisers are also welcome to advertise though this is left at our discretion as we also feel we can only associate with others who share a similar ethos.

Here's an example?
We have previously advertised an indie company who sell wool but they also hand dye, spin and sell their own products which have been lovingly sourced from small local producers and transformed into usable wool products.
This is definitely the kind of company we like!!! They're not just making their materials they are also making a change in the way we see industry and production.

If you'd like to know more and find out about our monthly rates then please email us: craftguerrilla@yahoo.com

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