Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Have you Zine the news?

After almost three years in publication we've taken the difficult decision to call it a day regarding our tri monthly zine...well we're ceasing to offer it in the printed form. 

I can still remember the beginning of this long lived love affair which started in secondary school and led me to produce my first ever  Fanzine. "The scholastic scream" was filled with teenage angst and rebellion. I was a very angry little 14 year old in red patent leather doc martins, purple mohican and heavy coaled panda eyes. Back then we all wore too much eye liner!

With so much happening at Craft Guerrilla it's just another project which we can't commit to entirely  and if you're familiar with what we do you'll know by now that when we do things... we like to give it our all!

We'll still be producing it in a PDF format which means we're kinder to trees and it's cheaper to run. The new version will still be packed with craft projects, interviews, recipes and lots of new illustrating talent.

Look out for our "special limited edition zines" which occasionally will be printed in short runs and available to buy as a hard copy ...
because believe it or not our love of zines will not allow us to give it up completely!

*Summer edition 2011 illustrated by Isobel Kho 
If you'd like to get your mitts on the copies we still have available then visit the Guerrilla shop.

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Mya.L said...

Never 'too much' eye liner!