Tuesday, 6 December 2011

What a Christmas hellaballoo!

Thank you to everyone that made last Saturday's market such a winner! It was so busy...I think there wasn't one single quiet moment during the whole day...
We've had a record breaking 700 + visitors to the Vestry House Museum and they were all super lovely.
Having so many visitors to the gallery is wonderful as they need people to keep it going!!! Otherwise local council will take away funding because they say that there's not enough foot fall to keep it open.
We love our local galleries and we're blessed with not one but two plus we like to see our community thriving with great art and cultural events so it's imperative that these galleries remain open.
The William Morris Gallery is currently under refurb hence why we were at  Vestry House instead so If you've missed it smack yourself on the hand...you naughty, naughty person...here are a few photos so you can see exactly what you've missed! And if you're really clever you can pop in and check out the Craft Guerrilla display case which has a few items for sale...

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Tugba Kop Illustration said...

Wow 700+ visitors! That's amazing! *Applause* :)