Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I Want My Craft TV!!!

Dear crafty folk. We've been contacted by the makers of "Scrimpers" an Endemol programme for Chanel 4. It's a call for any thrifters, make do and menders so if that's you and you'd like to get your 15 minutes of fame read the info below.
Please contact them directly.

"Remarkable television is looking for scrimpers for a new Channel 4 series! Are you fantastically thrifty? Do you have top tips on how to save money? Do you make do and mend and use skills passed down the family? Or have you lived through real austerity and rationing?
We’re looking for people who don’t waste anything, are cleverly resourceful and willing to share their tricks of the trade. We are looking for people from all backgrounds.
To take part, email for an application form.

Endemol UK will use any information provided by you for the purposes of selecting participants for the programme and will only share information with Channel 4 and any independent contractors involved in the programme.

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