Saturday, 14 March 2009

Making it into the local rag!

How exciting The East London Craft Guerrilla has a whole page devoted to the D.I.Y. craft night! OK so it's taken a while to catch on but I'm pleased that for our first birthday the good people of W.F.G. have recognised the trend for crafting. Yes my darlings it's reached the suburbs!Actually it's quietly been going on for a while now.
So there are a few inconsistencies but hey,that happens.
No one would be the wiser but I should clarify...
Yes I did study Ceramics in Porto (Portugal) but it's not my home town. I love Porto and yes that's were my roots are. It's complicated to explain...I'm a child of the world!
Handsome Twins are mine and Lisa's alter DJ ego and we're not part of the Crimes against Pop collective. They are our mates and we love them dearly and love the fact that they are playing on Wednesday but "Crimes" is their baby! As for free craft packs...not quite. Free goody bags packed with stuff but we wouldn't want anyone to come and be disappointed.However there are craft packs to purchase so you can create on the night or take away with you. I hear there are a few special projects for this edition!
As far as "Stitch and Bitch" joining us...I had no idea there was a local S&B group but they're very welcome to join us. Finally Louise...Batten and not Batter. Again these things happen and it's no big-e.
I'm just pretty stoked that Craft's making news!!!Hooray!
Roll on Wednesday!

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