Tuesday, 16 December 2008


As part of our ethos we encourage our craft guerrilla boys and girls to take up stalls with other organizations and craft groups.It's all about taking opportunities and making it work for each individual!
We have been asked to post information up on our blog about up and coming craft markets and we're happy to do so. Because of the huge numbers we receive we thought we'd review these markets so people can make an informed choice weather to take up a stall ...or not as the case may be.
I hope that the reviews will prove helpful and remain factual as we do not want to hurt any one's feeling but we will let you know if it's good or a complete waste of time!
As we very well know no matter how well you publicize,organize etc. if shoppers do not come then that's just the nature of the beast! There are many factors that have to be taken into account like weather,economy etc.
Craft markets are very unpredictable and the fact that they are busy people wise doesn't mean that the designer makers are making any money... but what is essentially is that the organizers are helpful, sincere and that their events are not about just making money (even filling quotas in some cases) or to cover their costs or line their pockets.
What we will be taking into account are these five categories:
Publicity/ visibility
General helpfulness/ approachability (related to the organizers)
Value for money (IE stall rental)
Longevity/potential (will this craft event be one that people will come back to!)
We will be using a star system and award categories and the event with an over all mark with either:
ONE STAR = bad
TWO STARS = moderate/average
FOUR STARS = great
FIVE STARS = fantastic

Stay tuned as the first review will come soon!

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