Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Following my message about "new" web outlets please note that "DEWANDA" are a German based web site and even though they are Tri-lingual you need to post your items in German and French as well as in English. Other wise your listing will not appear when a speaker of one of these languages does a search.
It's a bit more of a hassle but worth it. I found when visiting other European cities that people are pretty happy to spend a little bit extra (and sometimes even quite a lot)on an item that is hand made so it's worth doing. There are lots of free translation web sites on line which are pretty basic but get the message across.
Unfortunately this little nugget is not stipulated in the terms and conditions but I'm sure if enough people contact them they might be more forthcoming in future with this kind of information. Thanks Karin for the heads up!
Still I think it's a nice web site and you'll be widening your costumer base so...all in all,not a bad thing!

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