Saturday, 19 January 2008

Craft Guerrilla Manifesto!


What is the East London Craft Guerrilla?
"The East London Craft Guerrilla" is part of "The Craft Guerrilla", a project set up to work in conjunction with other crafts people, artists, designers and creative businesses. We're all for learning, networking, DIY-ing our own opportunities, sharing knowledge and experience with other crafty people!
The aim is to take over empty available spaces and/or associate with “friendly” businesses and coordinate craft events that will generate sales for members and those associated businesses.
Basically we offer unusual, well made products and the opportunity to bring in new
stock, new shoppers to those businesses and they supply us with a space and their customer base.

Can I become a member?
Yes but you don’t have to be a member to participate but there are a few perks if you do! The only stipulations for the (East London) Craft Guerrilla is that you live in London and that your
wares are made/designed by yourself.
Send your info, a brief description of what you make or a web site address we can check out your handy work.
*All members and non members must be vetted prior to joining.
For more information contact Deborah

So what do I get out of it?
By becoming a member of the Craft Guerrilla Army you’ll get first dibs on pitches. Your work/products will be showcased in our website with all your contact details which will hopefully generate sales and publicity for your work. Also you get the chance to forward your own ideas and venues for future events.

What are my responsibilities as a member?
We ask members to take it upon themselves to help “get the word out” as it’s in all of our interests to get as many shoppers to our events.
Posters and flyers will be sent to you via email and all you have to do is print it and get it out there! You can make your own but we ask you use all information supplied.
Also we ask that you mention the Craft Guerrilla name as a Link in your own web sites and publicity.

Do I pay commission on any sales?
NO! And we’ll be working with “friendly businesses” that also don’t.

How much do I pay for a pitch?
It’s all dependent on the venue rental and how much we can get it for but prices will be kept to a minimum as we also ask ourselves…How much would I be prepared to pay?

Is there a charge for joining?
All we ask is for a yearly donation of £20. That’s so we can pay for the web site domain, up keep and for paying the “computer monkeys” for their time imputing, uploading etc. (Website already in construction and coming soon!) This fee goes back into the collective.

Sounds good but why should I pay?
We’re not in this to exploit other crafts people we too are makers and this is actually about creating opportunities…a make your own opportunities kind of thing!

Can I use the name "Craft Guerrilla"?
Sure,but please ask before hand. There's no charge in using the name, in fact we hope you like the idea so much that you will want to set up your own craft group... but we would like to know who's out there using our name and following our manifesto...besides it's polite to ask!
We're all for sharing, passing on information and knowledge. You must however have a link on your web site to us "the mother ship" and we'll do the same for you!

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